The Long Road

Writing is one of those things I’ve always enjoyed but never truly believed could amount to anything. I was just a silly kid wasting time making up stories and characters.  Many years later and here I am still making up stories.  And having discovered self-publishing and become enamored with the idea of going my own route and not having to get the ok from a money driven industry; my time spent writing has more than doubled.

But there’s a lot to learn where self=publishing is concerned. And a lot to prepare for before I’m ready to put my stories out in front of the world. My introverted mind is in a scramble to learn as much as possible about the experience I’m heading into before I actually dive in. As I complete different projects I find more that I need to learn or accomplish before I’m ready to launch and I know it will in fact be some time before I’m ready to pull the trigger on publishing. There is virtue is diving into a new experience and having to sink or swim. But I’m willing to wait and take my time so I can do it just the way I want to. After all what’s the point of going your own route if you can go at your own pace?

Beseeched on all sides by Distraction

I’ve read advice on the matter in the past and taken it to heart but lately I find myself distracted by the learning curve that comes along with self publishing.  I’ve spent a lot of time these last two weeks reading the insights from others who have gone before me (Kboards, Goodreads) and slacking on the amount of time I’m actually writing. Something i plan to rectify shortly.    Even now this post on a blog that is very much early days, is just me procrastinating.

One of the first things I remember hearing an author I admire say about writing was that “What makes a writer is writing. So write, a lot!”